SAP ABAP HR Online Training

SAP ABAP HR Online Training Course Content

  • Human Resource Essentials
      •Components of HR Module
      •How HR is different from Other Module
      •HR Technical Overview
      •Functional Overview
      •Personnel Administration
      •Organizational Management
      •Time Management
  • HR programming
    •Logical database PNP
    •Structure Of Database Tables in PA
    •Time constraint Class
    •Data retrivel
    •Repetive Structure and List Display
    •Logical database PCH And PAP
    •Structure of DB Tables in PCH and PAP
    •Data Retrivel using LDBs and Macros
    •Practice Session – 1 1
  • Custom Infotype creation and enhancements
    •Customer Infotype
    •Infotype Enhancements
    •Screen modifications
    •Data Model in HR
    •Important Table In HR
  • Basic Payroll
    •Entering payroll data
    •Organizing a live payroll run
    •Payroll process
    •Payroll reports
    •Practice Session
  • Payroll Programming
    •Payroll Cluster
    •Payroll Programming using clusters
    •Practice Session
  • Authorizations
    •General authorization checks
  • Reporting
    •Reporting methods
    •Reporting in OM
    •Payroll and time management infotypes
  • Final Evaluation
    •Modularization techniques
    •Performance tuning
    •Requirement Analysis & debugging
    •Interview Techniques
  • Misc Topics
    •HR Forms
    •HR Administrative Processes and Forms
    •Report Category

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